Jaws Of Extinction
Survival, Action, RPG
What will YOU do to ensure the survival of the human race?
Jaws of Extinction (JoE) is the first of a new generation of story-driven, singleplayer and multiplayer, horror-survival games. Your story begins on a large, open-world island known as Eden-Nadir; a place renowned for its beauty and thriving wildlife. You will be faced with decisions you may not wish to make as you battle against terrifying infected locals, the military, the island's wildlife, forces of nature, other players and your own conscience…

Play single player, co-op with up to 4 friends or multiplayer (population planned for up to 50 players). Follow the storyline and uncover the dark secrets of Eden-Nadir or go off the beaten track and simply survive in the huge, open-world, hand-crafted environment.

Explore and claim Eden-Nadir’s vast landscape
From sweeping lavender and corn fields to sun-dappled forests, murky swamps to beautiful seashores, deserted towns and fortified cities to quaint villages and picturesque countryside retreats. You can build, craft, hunt, fight, scavenge, loot, ambush… it’s up to you! How will you survive?

Planned During Alpha Stages

  • An immersive storyline: Discover the island’s secrets and gain unique rewards
  • Single Player mode: Play on your own
  • Cooperative mode: Play with up to 4 friends
  • Multiplayer Mode: Play with the world online
  • World Events and quests: Attempt them with friends and other players
  • Player skill system: Practice skills to improve them
  • NPC interaction: Traders, companions, enemies and more
  • Realistic wildlife: Some you can hunt, others are better left undisturbed
  • Animal taming: Wild horses, stray dogs, wolves and birds of prey are all potential companions
  • Crafting system: With the right materials you can make what you need
  • Item upgrade system: Better weapons make for easier fights
  • Ergonomic User Interface: Detailed but easy to use
  • Enemy military NPCs: Fight them head to head in deadly shootouts, ambush them, raid them, drive them out - they deserve it
  • Infected NPCs: Fast and deadly - surviving is not going to be easy
  • Building system: Fortify local buildings or create your own base
  • Horde attacks: Protect your living area from huge waves of infected
  • Vehicles: Purchase, earn, steal or repair vehicles
  • Vehicle Customisation: Upgrade and reinforce your vehicles
  • Skin packs: Discover unlockable skin packs to customise the look of your survivor (No in-game purchases or Micro Transactions)
  • Currency: Trade with locals for essentials and upgrades (No in-game purchases / Micro Transactions)

Whether you choose to play solo or online the game is the same. There are no watered down versions and there will be absolutely no in-game purchasing at all – this is a game with integrity. You have paid for the game, so you get to enjoy it.

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