Lords of the Arena
Browser, Strategy, RPG

Assemble a band of the finest warriors, teach them the art of combat, and then go crush your enemies! Complete the exciting Campaign or fight other players in PvP mode.

For many years the people of the Empire lived in peace and harmony, but now it's time to unsheathe our swords once again. An army of unknown warriors besieges the capital. Lead your forces through the exciting campaign to save the kingdoms from the invasion of ancient magic. Make your way to the glory!

  • Choose between over 30 unique heroes and create your own perfect team best suited for your play style
  • Develop and challenge your skills in exciting real-time battles
  • Upgrade your heroes and equip them with the best artifacts. Each hero has 4 special skills and 9 levels of equipment
  • Explore the lands of four united races and fight your enemies in the deepest dungeons and the highest mountains
  • Learn the power of Ancient Runes and use it to make your heroes stronger
  • Fight other players and reach the top of PvP-Arena divided into 9 Leagues
  • Become famous by showing yourself in Guild Events and Weekly Tournaments
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