Will To Live
Action, RPG, MMO

Explore the atmospheric post-apocalyptic world. Fight with dangerous mutants and keep away from anomalies. Join the faction, build your own clan and fight for the faction outposts to gain advantage over the enemies!

Will To Live Online is an atmospheric MMORPG, which represents a combination of classic MMORPG and FPS. Complete quests in towns and settlements and learn about the world’s history and its opportunities. Explore new locations and dungeons. Develop your character to get new class talents and weapons. Gather resources to produce improved ammo and enforced armor. Create your own clan and join the faction war!

Key features:

  • Loyal economy allows to play without microtransactions at all

  • The unique combination of MMORPG and FPS

  • A big atmospheric and dangerous world, filled with mutants and anomalous zones

  • Dynamic weather and day/night systems

  • Four different classes with unique talents and equipment

  • Crafting

  • Trading

  • Faction wars for the territories

  • Dungeons and raid bosses with unique loot

Explore The Abyss