Next-Generation Digital Distribution Platform Prototype

With a groundbreaking motivational and referral system, offering both gamers and developers various opportunities to increase their income
prototype is available on desktop only
Increase your income by participating in motivational and multilevel referral programs, creating game content, collecting and trading in-game items, accomplishing developers’ tasks and gaining personal achievements
Enjoy unique games and services, unavailable on other popular digital distribution game platforms, and explore the benefits of blockchain and cryptocurrencies
Become the project’s partner. Bring more referrals to the platform and keep on earning from their transactions

Play With Friends

Invite and play myriads of games with your friends. Watch the achievements they receive and track which activities they are engaged in by using a fully customizable news feed. Buy games and make gifts to your friends with your account. Unite in Syndicates and gain additional earnings from joint activities

Play your favorite games and Create Your Own Experience

All types of video games from F2P MMOs and cryptogames to AAA-titles

Trade in-game items at the auction

Auction allows to sell and exchange collected in-game items to other gamers and buy items sold by other gamers

Build your Referral Network

Referral network may comprise 5 levels, each bringing you a certain share from every transaction made by your referral
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The Abyss Key Benefits

Referral program for gamers and developers
Within individual referral programs an income is paid based on a five-level referral chain comprised of friends brought in and users brought in by friends. Developers who are the first to bring in users to their games earn the maximum income
Motivational programs for gamers
Gamers can also earn from different activities on the platform like achievements, content generation (like reviews, streams, guides, commentary, fan art)
Internal CPA Network
Developers get access to a universal advertising account for bringing in targeted traffic. Some innovative features are available for developers to promote their games like offering one’s traffic to other games, getting external traffic, traffic statistics, etc
ABYSS tokens
ABYSS tokens (protocol ERC20 on the Ethereum blockchain) is a priority internal mechanism for interaction on the platform. Most services rely on ABYSS tokens only, while transactions in fiat currency are also available
Syndicates (Masternodes)
Gamers can unite in Syndicates (Masternodes) in order to earn from joint game activities


Active Phase Of Platform Development

Partnership agreements with various game projects


The First Introduction Of The Platform Core Features

Enjoy the benefits of multilevel referral program and Internal CPA Network


The Expansion of Platform Functionality

Motivational programs, content generation, auction of in-game items, syndicates, etc.

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The Abyss Token Sale will be the world’s first DAICO, a fundraiser suggested by the founder of Ethereum blockchain, Vitalik Buterin. DAICO allows token holders to control the fund withdrawal limit, and to vote for the refund of the remaining contributed money in case the team shows no progress.
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prototype is available on desktop only