About token
ABYSS is a utility token and a platform-specific digital currency used for shopping, in-game purchases, rewards and payouts on The Abyss. However, it’s much bigger than that.
Access to services
Get full access to The Abyss' key services like referral and motivational programs that rely on ABYSS tokens only
Ödemelerden farklı olarak, ABYSS tokenlarıyla oyun satın alımlarında ödeme yaparken kullanıcılara bir indirim yapılmaktadır
ABYSS tokens can be easily withdrawn to the external wallet and exchanged to any other available digital currency
How to buy ABYSS tokens
Start your The Abyss experience with getting ABYSS. Buying tokens has never been that simple.
Market cap
$ 2 168 212
$ 0.009509
(-0.83% ▼)
Volume 24 hours
$ 42 216
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Introducing DAICO

DAICO is an innovative fundraising model that merges benefits of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) and traditional ICOs making the crowdfunding campaign more transparent and secure.

With DAICO, funds are not released in a lump-sum. It allows token holders to control the amount of funds that can be withdrawn by the team via democratic voting process. At the same time, it sustains the developers’ motivation to implement the project.

Tap is a reasonable maximum amount that team can receive from the contract per month. The tap is meant for supporting the platform’s development process. If the tap is not disbursed, it keeps accumulating over time.
  • Akıllı Sözleşmedeki ilk tap ayda 500 ETH olarak ayarlandı ve Tap Anketi ile artırılabilir;
  • Her ayın 10. günü tap artışına oy verme işlemi yapılabilir.;
  • Oylama başladıktan hemen sonra başlar ve 3 gün sürer;
Not initiated
01 July 2018
Quorum hasn't been reached
01 October 2018
Not initiated
01 January 2019
Not initiated
01 April 2019
Token holders can vote for a refund of the remaining funds if they consider the project team performance unsatisfactory.
  • İade oylaması sonucunda, 1/3'ten fazla token miktarının (toplam token tedariğinin) “EVET” oyu vermesi durumunda başarılı sayılır;
  • Geri ödeme için oylama başarı ise, bir ay içinde geri ödeme için bir (kontrol) oylama yapılır. Durum tekrarlanırsa, DAICO akıllı sözleşmesi geri ödeme moduna geçer ve geri kalan geri kalan katkıyı ETH tokenlerine dönüştürür;
  • Each token holder can initiate the refund poll. The voting starts immediately after initiation and lasts 1 week.