The Abyss – Play and Get Rewarded!

In order to fully experience The Abyss we recommend using portrait orientation. Please rotate the device.

Best place for your games

Bring your games to The Abyss and feel the difference. Smooth integration at the launch stage, the referral program as a new revenue stream, an engaged content-generating community surrounding your project, traffic management tools and marketing options. Scroll down to learn more.

The Abyss key features

Game as an income

We offer a fair revenue sharing system. Newcoming players become referrals of the game, developers of which then receive share from players' payments in all other games.

New revenue streams

Build your referral network and get instant payouts from each referral transaction committed in any game on the platform.

Traffic managment

Take complete control of your traffic with the Internal advertising network. Buy and sell the traffic off/to the other games to reduce your marketing costs.

Reward your community

Introduce rewards for content generating, feedbacks, beta tests and bug hunting to build an involved and motivated community around your game.

Smooth SDK integration

Bring your games to The Abyss with minimum efforts and maximum efficiency. Use our universal SDK for an easy and smooth integration.

Analytical tools

Know your gamer! Get an access to specific game statistics and other analytical tools to understand your audience and target marketing.

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