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Get bonuses
Invite friends
Referral program
Join the referral program now and start building the referral network that will be also operational on the platform after the launch.
Bonus program
Get tokens for free
The Abyss multilevel referral program will provide you
free tokens for each referral contribution.
  • 1st level referral contribution
  • 2nd level referral contribution
  • 3rd level referral contribution
  • 4th level referral contribution
  • 5th level referral contribution
Referral program rules
Invite your friends
Reach your friends with a referral link via messengers, SMS, e-mail, etc.
The referral link in your social media accounts
Referral link used on forums
Writing articles, blog reviews, other mentions
Videos about the project on Youtube
The project mentioned on specific blockchain resources and social media groups
  • NO any type of SEM (Search Engine Marketing) using key word “Abyss”
  • NO any attempts to mislead people with your referral link description
  • NO marketing on any Airdrop or Bounty or ICO list sites / groups
  • NO referral links without information about the project
  • NO hiding your referral links in shortened URLs
  • NO referral links in comment section of our original content
  • NO referring yourself with your own referral link
Any attempts to cheat the system will result in immediate account ban and loss of earned referral tokens.
The Abyss reserves the final right to change the referral program rules at any time due to changing market conditions,
risk of fraud or any other factors we seem harmful to the fairness of our referral program.