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Принесите свои игры на The Abyss и почувствуйте разницу. Плавная интеграция на этапе запуска, реферальная программа в качестве нового источника дохода, заинтересованное сообщество, окружающее ваш проект и генерирующее контент, инструменты управления трафиком и варианты маркетинга. Прокрутите вниз, чтобы узнать больше.

Ключевые особенности The Abyss

Игра как доход

Мы предлагаем справедливую систему распределения доходов. Пришедшие на платформу игроки становятся рефералами игры, разработчики которой затем получают долю от платежей игроков во всех других играх.

Новые источники дохода

Создайте свою реферальную сеть и получайте мгновенные выплаты от каждой реферальной транзакции, совершенной в любой игре на платформе.

Управление трафиком

Получите полный контроль над своим трафиком с внутренней рекламной сетью. Покупайте и продавайте трафик из/для других игр, чтобы сократить свои расходы на маркетинг.

Награждайте свое сообщество

Внедрите награды за создание контента, отзывы, бета-тестирование и поиск ошибок, чтобы создать вовлеченное и мотивированное сообщество вокруг вашей игры.

Плавная интеграция SDK

Принесите свои игры в The Abyss с минимальными усилиями и максимальной эффективностью. Используйте наш универсальный SDK для легкой и плавной интеграции.

Аналитические инструменты

Знайте своего игрока! Получите доступ к статистике определенной игры и другим аналитическим инструментам, чтобы понять свою аудиторию и целевой маркетинг.

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часто задаваемые вопросы

How does The Abyss differ from other gaming platforms?

We are a young project that is a full-featured platform for hosting games with its own growing audience. The earlier the developer places their game on The Abyss, the more exposure it will receive with the potential players.

Placement is totally free, integration is simple and fast, and technical support is provided at all stages.

A key feature of the platform is the Referral System, that allows you to create your own referral network, which can then give you measurable income over time.

What is the benefit to me as a developer of the referral system? Is this real money?

In addition to the basic payouts for the games purchased by users, developers also receive payouts from the Referral System. It has several levels, thanks to which the income can become commensurately greater and, most importantly, if there is a decrease in the interest in the game, the developer will continue to receive income from his referrals' spendings (regardless of which game the spendings occur in).

Our Referral System guarantees automatic payments to all users of the platform who have active referrals.

By distributing the referral link, the developer permanently receives users who have registered by clicking it, as their referrals.

The multi-level Referral System brings developers ABYSS tokens for each transaction that their referrals make on the platform in any game. The reward for the purchase on the first level is 4% of the transaction amount, the second and third levels – 2%, and referrals of the fourth and fifth levels bring 1%.

In addition, the developers can receive their Referral System profits in fiat currency at the current exchange rate for the day of the payout.

How complex is the integration process and how long does it take?

The platform has a very simple integration process for both web and desktop games. Our team of qualified professionals will provide detailed instructions for all stages of integration and promptly assist you with any difficulties that arise in the process. The integration of the game on the platform takes from 40 minutes to a couple of days at most.

How many views can my game get on the first day of placement with you?

Immediately after the placement, the game will be available on the main page of our platform and in the New Releases section, and all the active audience will also see the banner of your game when entering the platform. The number of views and purchases directly depends on the exposure, which will be at its maximum, as well as the popularity of the game's genre itself among the platform users.

Can I post a demo version of the game?

Yes, we can host a demo version of the game with all the same exposure as a full fledged release, provided that the full version will also be hosted by us.

Can you make a game page with the option to add it to the "Wishlist"?

Yes, we can place a game page on the platform at the development stage in order for the developer to gauge the amount of potential players interested in the game and start building their referral network.

What promotion channels are available on the platform?

At the moment, promotion on the platform is provided by several tools: developers' participation in sales, placing the game on the main page in the Featured section, and introduction of paid in-game achievements.

That being said the promotion tools are in constant development and their scope will be significantly expanded as the time goes on.

How do I track sales?

Once a month, you will be sent a detailed report for the previous payment period. We also provide you with access to your developer dashboard to be able to track your sales and estimated income in real time.

What are the costs?

Our basic terms of accommodation: 70% to the developer, 20% to the platform, 10% to the referral system that motivates users to promote the game.

We emphasize that we work transparently and officially, under a Distribution Agreement, and pay all taxes.

Is it possible to place the game on other platforms if it is already hosted by you?

Yes, of course. We are in favor of your game being presented on multiple platforms, so that you can appreciate all the advantages of The Abyss.