The Abyss – Play and Get Rewarded!
Получайте токены бесплатно
Получайте бесплатные токены Abyss с нашей 5-уровневой реферальной программой и используйте их, как хотите.
Войдите в The Abyss и начните получать 1-4% Abyss-токенов с каждой реферальной транзакции.
Реферальная программа The Abyss
1/3 of platform’s income distributed to the referral program.
The Abyss multilevel referral program, will provide you free tokens for each referral contribution.
Each gamer registered on The Abyss using your link becomes your referral, and every gamer brought by them becomes a your referrals as well.
Referrer receives 4%, 2%, 2%, 1%, 1% from payments made by his 1-5 level referrals.
Как работает реферальная программа The Abyss
1. Share you referral link
Referral link may be shared with friends via social networks, messengers, social media, e-mails, forums, etc.
2. Easy to share
You can copy or share your referral link from you profile or just use any game URL. It's also referral!
3. Who is your referral?
The referral will sign up through your unique referral link and become your 1st level referral. His referrals also will become your referrals — up to 5 level.
4. What's next?
Easy — your referrals doing any payment, you receive the referral award.
5. How much?
The first level reward equals 4% of the referral transaction amount, second and third levels rewards are 2%, fourth and fifth referral levels provide for 1% reward.

Подробное объяснение реферальной программы можно прочитать в правилах реферальной программы The Abyss
Конфиденциальность и безопасность
The following actions are strictly prohibited:
Any type of SEM (Search Engine Marketing) using key word 'Abyss'.
Any attempts to mislead people with your referral link description.
Referral links without information about the project or game.
Hiding your referral links in shortened URLs.
Referral links in comment section of our original content.
Referring yourself with your own referral link.
Duplicate or fake accounts are not subjected to referral payouts and will be deleted immediately after detection.
Any attempts to cheat the system will result in immediate account ban and loss of earned referral tokens. The Abyss reserves the final right to change the referral program rules at any time due to changing market conditions, risk of fraud or any other factors we seem harmful to the fairness of our referral program.

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